Rebounding from Adversity – Goal of Blog

We all have had something (or many things) happen to us that knock us down.  Some of these things are huge and others more subtle, but their effect can be the same: stress, sadness, helplessness.  In my case, my husband was hit with a life-altering chronic illness that has him fighting for his life.  This huge event has other ripple effects stemming from it, which have affected our whole family in different ways.  What is your event?  The perception and your reaction to that event is what makes the difference.  If the event rattles you to your core and has you contemplating how to deal with life now in perhaps a new and different way than you had, you know adversity.

I have had friends tell me their woes and then stop and say something like “I shouldn’t be saying this to you – look what you have to deal with on a daily basis.  I don’t have stress in comparison to your life.”  I appreciate these words on the one hand, but they make me sad on the other hand.  Everyone has negative things happen to them and something “small” on the outside to someone else can be “huge” to the receiver.  I don’t think anyone should compare their woes to anyone else.  If there is stress in your life, there is stress.  If there is adversity, there is adversity.  Hopefully you can bond with someone who can relate – this can be so helpful.  It can also be helpful to read something that hits home or to consider an idea that you may not have thought about on your own.

I hope to give you some practical advice for things that have worked for me over the years.  My husband has been ill for three years, and seriously ill for one and a half years.  We have a 5-year old and a 2-year old.  I also work full-time.  There is a lot on my plate and I have learned much through my experience.  I hope to present you some stories and insight to provide another viewpoint to the common events we all come in contact with daily.


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