The Unexpected is Not so Unexpected

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It is early February – winter.  You would not know this if you lived in my hometown.  There are cherry trees blooming, kids walking around in shorts, and temperatures that align more with springtime.  Some mornings I wake up and feel confused.  It takes me a few seconds to remember what month it is.  It is unexpected weather.  

But the more I think about this, the more I realize that perhaps it really isn’t all that unexpected.  Strange things happen on a regular basis and what sometimes seems impossible becomes possible.  Spring comes early enough and often enough inNorth Carolina.  Climate change is evident around the globe, documented in the scientific literature.  Why then do I continue to be amazed that trees are blooming in February?

I shouldn’t be.  I know this.  I am a true believer that there are always exceptions to the rules.  I tell this to my biology students all the time.  There is usually some general rule of thumb for how X does Y.  The students learn this and then feel like someone is trying to pull the rug out from under their feet when they discover later in the semester or in another course that X does Y is generally true, but……

So my reality “but” lies with my husband.  Recently, his health was almost non-exist for many months.  His Lyme Disease and the neurological and muscular problems that have gone along with this illness had taken its toll.  I was beginning to worry.  I was beginning to fear my confidence was faltering.  I was beginning to worry that my belief in the countless positive signs along the way have been in vain.  I was beginning to fear that I may need to start talking differently to my two young children about their daddy.  But then the flowers came.  Flowers in the winter.

Yet, another sign to me.  God speaking to me.  Reminding me that when things seem grim and dark and wintery, they can change.  Things do change.  The reminder that beauty comes from turmoil.  The reminder that unexpected things can happen.  Unexpected things do happen.  The reminder that new life, those flowers, can come back again when the tree looks dead for all practical purposes. 

My husband is starting to flower again.  A new treatment plan and a fresh perspective from a holistic MD have introduced springtime into our winter.  I look forward to what the true spring holds for him.  For us, my family.

The unexpected maybe shouldn’t be so unexpected.  I have learned over the course of these horrible 3+ years of health hell that flowers come often if you believe and look for them.  Flowers in the winter.


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  1. I was in Virginia Beach, VA. two years ago when I accompanied my daughter for her College studies…I remembered all these trees blooming with white and pink and red flowers! There were everywhere, my mom and their neighbors had them and in my daughter’s university in Norfolk….whenever I think of them and see my pictures, I get a warm feeling inside!

    Blessings are everywhere!
    I am glad for you and your family.
    You are all in my prayers everyday!



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