I Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself

Today, I just wanted to alert everyone following me that my husband Jim also has a blog that you need to check out as well.  He has written about my son’s song on “Believe in Yourself ” (that I told you about in an earlier blog of mine) and then some.  Some really great reminders about confidence in yourself, conviction, and committment.  http://jimyoungbelieves.wordpress.com/

It is interesting too how different one can be from your spouse.  I commented on my earlier post about videotaping my son’s song and dance, but not wanting to post it on the web for the world to see.  Jim had the opposite attitude.  He wanted everyone to get a sense of the song and so he uploaded it to YouTube.  It is linked on Jim’s blog.  The quality of it is poor – we decided we may ask our son to do it again and this time record it in the daylight and on a different machine – but the message and song is worth hearing.  Why is it that children really do tend to “get it” and that adults have somehow lost the way and have to relearn things??


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