What is Cinderella’s Message? You May Be Surprised….

My 3 year old daughter loves princesses (and beating up her brother and climbing trees too) and so it was a given that when Cinderella was re-released, we would buy it.  I was a little torn about this purchase.  I knew she would love the movie, but I was worried about the message it would send.   What I remember about my childhood Cinderella viewing several decades ago is the romantic happy ending – the girl finds her prince and they live happily ever after.  I also remember the cute mice from the movie helping Cinderella, but that was about it.

File:Cinderella Christmas exhibit, Minden, LA IMG 2295.JPG

So when my son (who was protesting the viewing) and my daughter and I turned on the movie, I thought I knew what to expect.  I again worried about the message this movie might send my kids.  Since my husband is very ill, our lives have been turned upside down.  I ache for my children and their lack of their daddy’s daily influence on their beings.  While my children know love and happiness, I don’t want them to think there is always a happy ending and life is full of your prince charming waiting for you.  They know sadness too and I don’t want them to be charmed into the illusion that there is always a magic cure for problems – a fairy godmother waiting in the shadows to “bippidy boppidty boo” all woes.

So when the television was turned on, I braced myself.  I was struck initially by the song that Cinderella sings at the start of the movie.  I didn’t hear the entire song for my husband called for help in the middle of it, my daughter needed juice, and other distractions were present.  The gist of the song was that if you believe in dreams, they can happen.  Hmm…  I thought.  I’m intrigued.  The movie continued with a positive Cinderella focuses on the good gems hidden when most people would only see the ugly stepmother, the awful step sisters, and the unfairness of the situation.  “How about that?” I thought.  Then came the memorable part.  The fairy godmother comes, makes everything better, and Cinderella gets the man.  When I viewed this scene with my adult eyes and my years of experience, I saw a girl (Cinderella) who is grateful for goodness, a girl who believes and therefore is open to seemingly impossible things being possible, a girl who graciously accepts help and a girl who makes the most of a precious time.  As I saw my son get excited about the chase and the victory of Cinderella making her escape at midnight (my 3 year old daughter had fallen asleep by this point), I smiled knowing that he sensed it too.  The good did win over the bad.  Positive mindset can take you places.

So the Cinderella movie of my childhood is very different from that which I saw recently.  I thought Cinderella was just a fairy tale: one that was too good to be true and possibly one sending the wrong message to our children.  But then I paused to think about the movie again.  What really was the message?  Was it “girl gets boy and that is the only thing that will make you happy”?  I thought that what I learned when I was little.  But then, I wondered…. perhaps Cinderella had affected me  when I was little in a different way and I never knew it.  Perhaps Cinderella has helped to shape my purposeful positiveness mentality.  Was it possible that Cinderella is partially responsible for my attitude that belief can become a reality if you truly believe and work toward that goal?  Did Cinderella help me see that looking to the good in things, no matter how bad life is, can save you? 

All I have to say today is Yeah for Cinderella!


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  1. Thank god somebody in this world understands her! 🙂 I can only agree – Yeah for Cinderella!


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    Somebody else who sees Cinderella in a positive light – worth a read! 🙂


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  4. Cinderella is very cool and you guys should watch it!😎😄🙂😊


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