Positive Purposefullness Does Make A Difference

English: Think positive

English: Think positive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A different sort of post for me this morning as I am going to direct you to a wonderful site that posts a new essay everyday for your consideration.  The site is designed to inspire and I absolutely know that what you choose to focus your thoughts on, spend your time with, and engage with on a daily basis influences your day and your perspective and your happiness.  Rather than reading depressing things, watching violent sad movies, or engaging in conversations that make you feel bad and strange, purposefully choose a positive direction.

I wrote an essay for InspireMeToday.com that focuses on the topic of true belief making a difference in how you approach life and the need to use it to shift into a positive purposefullness of your own choosing.  I hope you will follow this link there and feel inspired to pass this along to others as well.  Here is the link for the essay again – click now


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