Two of the Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Flickr friends

Flickr friends (Photo credit: Meer)

When life gets really overwhelming, I have found a small hideout and reprieve with writing.  So, here I am today feeling incredibly sad, scared and overwhelmed stemmed in part by the latest missile thrown at me and my family.  That event is not so significant to this post, but when I caught my breathe this morning and had a moment to pause, I decided to start typing.  There is joy in doing something you want and have control over, however small.  What is yours?  What can you do, even if just for 15 minutes, when you are overwhelmed that will help?  If you don’t have one or don’t know what it is, how about pausing yourself for a moment after reading the rest of this post and consider what it might be?As I am reflecting on the past many days leading up to the mini-traumatic event, I find myself returning to something two different friends mentioned to me.  One friend, who has known me a long time, one of my closest friends, said “What did you do in another lifetime to get whammied in this one?”  The second friend is a recent treasure, one who doesn’t know me well at all, but upon the retelling of friend number 1’s question, said, “I don’t think it’s that, I think you have chosen to show the world resilience.”  She continued on to explain that people teach other people very valuable things by example.  My husband Jim with his continual battle for this health and life shows perseverance and determination.  I show resilience.

I thought about this some more.  Questioning why my subconscious mind would “want” to teach people resilience and trying to determine how I could get out of this predicament.  I would gladly trade in my years of illustrating resilience for a healthy husband.  I figure there are many other resilient people out there to teach others this healthy trait.

But after that few moments of considering how life throws you in a tailspin at times, I am reminded that perception does matter.  I can choose to feel overwhelmed and sorry for myself, or I can shake it off and move forward, because that’s what needs to happen, and, as an extra bonus, maybe teach my kids some good traits along the journey.

So, the second set of questions for you to ponder today are these:  You have been placed on this planet for a reason – what is the personality trait you are supposed to “live” in order to teach others?  What are people to learn from you by your example?  I would love to know.  Please share your thoughts!


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