Warriors of all Sorts, Come Calling

Here is another excerpt from my soon-to-be-released book Miracles for Daddy.  Please check out the launch page for the book at http://www.miraclesfordaddy.com and see all the gifts and prizes that will be available with the purchase of the book on Monday, Dec 17th!

“The next day, Monique returned to Michigan, and for the first time since Annalise’s birth, we were alone as a family. It was nice, but taxing, trying to care for everyone and worrying about Jim at the same time. Braxton seemed to be looking at Jim more often, studying his daddy’s moves. “Daddy,” Braxton pleaded one afternoon, “play knights and dragon with me. You can be the dragon.” Jim smiled and tried his best, but it was evident his heart was not there. He was fighting off sleep and could barely move his arms, let alone his whole body to play a dragon. “Come on, Daddy! You need to blow fire on me!”

Knight Riding into Joust Renaissance Faire 2011

Knight Riding into Joust Renaissance Faire 2011 (Photo credit: chris favero)

 In the other room, I called after Braxton, “Hey, Braxton, why don’t you come in the other room and we can play warrior. I have the swords.”

 “No, Mom,” Braxton replied. “I want to play with Daddy.”

 “I know, sweetie, but Daddy needs to rest.”

 Braxton sulked and came into the other room. “You can’t play. You have Annalise.” He was so frustrated.

 I tried to explain to him how Daddy was so sick and that the sleep allowed his body to fight the illness. I could see Braxton’s body perk up slightly. “Do you understand, sweetie?” I asked.

 “I do!” Braxton was so proud of himself. “Mom, it’s good that Daddy has both warriors and knights inside his body.”

 Now, I was the one confused. “What do you mean, Braxton?”

 Braxton looked at me asking, “What is wrong with you, Mom?” He had an “everyone knows why” look. After a pause, he replied, “Because warriors and knights fight differently. They have different things. The warriors use bows and arrows and the knights use swords and jousts. Then they can pweeh, pweeh, pweeh from all directions and get the Lyme. The warriors and the knights are attacking Daddy’s Lyme. When Daddy sleeps, they go crazy. Pweeh, pweeh, pweeh!” Braxton moved his body in combat mode, showing how the knights and warriors operate.

 Several weeks went by and Braxton never mentioned the warriors and knights again. Then, out of the blue, when I was putting him to bed for the night, he made a declaration, “You know, the longer Daddy sleeps, the sooner the Lyme will go away. It is good there are knights and warriors in there going after the Lyme—the bad guys never win. They wear black—that’s how you know they are bad.”

 “So they are killing the bacteria?” I asked.

  “Yes, isn’t that great?” Braxton asked.

 “Absolutely,” I replied. “We need all the warriors and knights we can get fighting for Daddy. Now time for bed.” As I kissed Braxton goodnight, I prayed to the highest Warrior I knew, “Please, God, kill all the bad bacteria and cure Jim. My children need their Daddy.”


One response to this post.

  1. Braxton is a smart little guy. 🙂
    I love his take on how the body fights off illnesses. 🙂
    Brightest energies to you and yours. 🙂


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