A World of Dichotomies – The Reminder of the Conneticut School Shooting


Dichotomy (Photo credit: kala-pattar)

As I consider the past several days since the horrific Conneticut school shooting, I am again reminded that there are always bad things happening, unexplained and unfair things happening.  Every time I think about those sweet children, most age 6, the same age as my son, tears come to my eyes.  It is one of the saddest events I have ever known.  As so this event reminds me once again of the dichotomy of the world in which we live.  There are good things to remember, but with such an event, it is hard to not continue to return to the saddness.  But you have to.  There is no other way. 

As I contemplate the dichotomy of the world, I decided to share the following excerpt from my book – hot off the press today.  Please visit the website to order: http://www.miraclesfordaddy.com   The book has a sad event in it (my husband’s illness), but there are good things there too.  Rays of sunshine among all the clouds.  I hope you will buy your copy today and be eligible for all the FREE gifts that go along with the launch.  Please check it out!

“It seems I live in a world of dichotomies. I am grateful for the health care system, but the health care system has ma jor problems. I am in awe of a few doctors (and owe them so much!), but most physicians do not impress me as they should. I have seen the best of people, but I have also seen such ugliness in people. I own a house, but have no place of my own in it. I am married, but also a single mother. I have a solid marriage, but my husband and I do not sleep in the same bed, go out as a couple, or engage in conversations, as you would expect. I am very grateful for many things, yet I remain confused as to why this is all happening. I have faith and knowledge that Jim will be all right, but the pace of his recovery is so stressful at times. I believe, but I have doubts as well.

Whenever the stress comes at us, something tends to happen to remind me that it will be all right. For example, both Jim and I had “signs” come our way at the same particularly stressful time during a period when Jim’s body wasn’t cooperating and his mental state was low. One evening, Jim cried out to God, “Please give me a sign—something so that I know all will be well.” That night, he had a vivid dream. He was on the beach and he started walking slowly along the water’s edge. Then Jim increased his pace and started “power walking.” After another few seconds, Jim broke out in a jog. The thought of Jim moving so easily and so freely brought tears to my eyes. He, too, felt such an impact from this dream.”



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