Mothers and Others Make the World Go Round

Mother & Child

Mother & Child (Photo credit: Andy Magee)

I was struck upon reading the numerous stories in Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Moms that the common thread appears to be two-fold: genuine gratitude and a true desire to care for someone other than ourselves. My story is one of the chapters in the book where I retell how the conception and birth of our second child was a sign to my very ill husband Jim and I that things were going to be alright. I knew the timing of her conception and the message she was giving to us was to continue the fight, the hope, and to believe that things could improve and would improve in due time. Now 4 years later, we continue our battle and continue to believe better days are ahead, but wonder how much longer it will take? Jim has chronic Lyme disease with ALS symptoms that have hit his neurological and muscular systems hard. His progress seems painful slow and doubt over his prognosis can plague me on a regular basis. Whenever I start to go down this dark path of fear, I am reminded to stop and believe when I look at my daughter. She is all spunk, with a willingness to take on the world, and I am reminded that this is exactly the right attitude to have. Then I am reminded what a privilege it is to be her mother. How grateful I am to have both my children in my life and how fantastic it is to be able to help care for and love another human being.

And, of course, you do not need to be a mother to take on this caregiver and nurturer role. There are so many people in our lives that help us care for, love, and mentor our children. I hope they receive the blessing back from the kids that they are conferring to them – the blessing of connection and care. The blessing of helping and influencing.

So whether mother or not, what a wonderful and very cool thing it is to be able to feel so connected to someone that you look forward to both the happy and sad times, the fun and the dull, the exciting and the scary. For each of these moments and events in life provide an opportunity to experience fully what it means to live a life worth living.

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