Positive Thinking from the Nigerian Wedding

English: Women at a Nigerian traditional coron...

English: Women at a Nigerian traditional coronation ceremony. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A wedding. A future. Positive Thinking “from this day forth.” And so it was as Jim (my husband), our nurse, and I attended a wedding. And what a lovely wedding it was full of Nigerian headdresses, beautiful colorful dresses and African garb. Toward the end of the ceremony there was a full blown out celebratory drum dance and signing with people dancing, singing loudly, and greeting the newly married couple. It was happy, joyous, and a reminder that when you celebrate something, you should CELEBRATE it!

The ceremony itself was interesting for all these reasons and then some. People were coming and going throughout the entire ceremony, and people were talking about various things throughout the entire ceremony, excited to see one another and asking everyday questions. At times I was so distracted overhearing a conversation or watching someone else enter the church, that I had to shake myself and focus on the preacher and what he was saying.

And how lovely the message. The positive thinking. The reminders of what it means from a biblical stance to be husband and wife. Then the gratitude. Outward praise for life, love, God, and health. The blessing to be mindful of your spouse and to above all, make him or her happy. “You will have a good marriage if you love your wife,” the preacher said over and over again. “It is that simple.”

And really, shouldn’t it be? Expressions of love will change over time. Maybe at first love is expressed in grandiose ways with presents and surprise events, but as the marriage matures, love is expressed in more mundane ways, but still so important – the groceries are picked up, you come home on time, you watch the kids so your spouse can do something with friends, etc. As challenges inevitably come, love is expressed by listening, by physically caring and tending to your spouse’s needs, and by putting things you want to do on hold so the other person can heal.

And as the preacher continued to tell his wisdom and read passages from the bible, I thought “healing comes from so many sources – romance, love, friendship”. This is a reminder to make positive thinking a part of your marriage, your health, your future.


The preacher reminded everyone throughout the ceremony that there is much to be thankful for, that gratitude will get you far. He ended the service in part by asking for bright futures for the couple and for all in attendance, and one of the requests and prayers was for a long and healthy life. Health – definitely something for which we should be grateful for – it can be taken away too quickly. Count your blessings and never forget that health is a big one.   Amen!


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