“God Is” in Times of Trouble

English: Robin Roberts in J. Crew Collection a...

English: Robin Roberts in J. Crew Collection at The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Light of God surrounds me.

The Love of God enfolds me.

The Power of God protects me.

The Presence of God watches over me.

Wherever I am, God is.

This is the prayer that I read over and over again from Robin Roberts of Good Morning America fame.  She was interviewed recently and apparently had been asked about this prayer so often they reprinted it in the article.  I understand why.  It is powerful.  It is beautiful.  It is simple.  And, it touches the important highlights.

This comforting prayer now lives on my desk and I see it daily.  I am reminded of the strength and perseverance of the woman who introduced it to me.  Robin Roberts fought her own health battles and similar to the health battle that my husband is tackling, she often didn’t know what tomorrow would bring or how many tomorrows were left.

This comforting prayer reminds me that how you choose to see your world is your choice to make.  During troubled times, you can concentrate on the good that is present.  You can decide to be grateful for the good that surrounds you.  Even though adversity may be on your doorstep, you can look past it or through it and see the light that is present.

During troubled times, God provides comfort.  God sends people during troubled times to help and provide comfort directly.  God sends signs and messages of better days ahead.  All you need to do is pay attention and to be open to them.

Remember, regardless of what is happening in your life, both good and bad, during glorious times and times of trouble, God is.


6 responses to this post.

  1. I recently saw Nick Vujicik here in Manila and I am amazed at how people become the miracle when no miracle is in sight. { http://wp.me/s273Pg-1211 }
    Your blog has been a source of hope and inspiration to many people, I pray that you and your family will be constantly strengthened and held by the Lord.


  2. Thanks so much – I’m excited to check out the link. I heard in church one day someone say that God’s answer to prayers is often in the form of sending people. I think this really is spot on. 🙂
    Blessings to you and your family.


  3. Hi Erica. I was wondering how Jim was doing?


    • Hi Bill,
      It’s been a rough several weeks. Jim’s two lungs collapsed ~50%, probably from the long-term ventilator use, but there may have been some other factors involved. Once in the hospital, there were some complications that kept him there 2 weeks. He is home now and slowing regaining strength. He’s alright, very frustrated and mad at his body. I am sure you can relate. I read him your last blog “Why” which I thought was very helpful. We’ll start the wet cell battery treatment again and I’m learning Reiki this weekend to also practice on Jim. Do you do either? The wet cell has REALLY helped Jim a bunch. Hoping this note finds you well.


  4. Hi Erica,
    Were you on Fox News this morning? The TV was on in the next room and I could hear it, but couldn’t see. You must have experience with public speaking because you did great.
    How is Jim doing? Is the wet cell treatment or Reiki helping? I’ve never tried either, but would if you see positive results.


    • Wow – what a small, cool world we live in! 🙂
      Thanks so much Bill for hearing me and sending the note along. How do you do your typing?? Jim’s hands don’t want to cooperate as much as they used to and we’re trying all sorts of things…

      Anyways, thank you so much as always for reaching out to me. It really does mean a lot. I was so excited to be on Fox and to try to share as much as I could in 5 minutes! I have been humbled by the emails I have received from people who are either suffering from Lyme or those who have been diagnosed with ALS but feel like there is something else going on.

      Jim is doing alright. I haven’t had a chance to do much Reiki on him, but I just finished an intense session teaching and so I should have some free time so I can try this some more on Jim. We do diligently do the wet cell battery every night, followed by a massage. I do think this is helping – Jim’s not near as tired as he was and he continues to gain strength (so much so that the PT and OT both said something the other day). The other new and exciting thing that has been going on is faith healing. We’ve had a faith healer come to the house two times now and we’ve been to a healing mass. After the faith healer came the first time, Jim felt awful (something we were told might happen) and then his arms started moving more freely. Jim also feels like his left leg (which has always been the better side) was working a little better too. So we are really excited about that as well.

      As for the wet cell battery – have you read the book Hope Springs Eternal by David Atkinson? That is where we learned of it and he also did meditation, praying, and visualization. You can also google “wet cell battery and David Atkinson” and you can read some more about it.

      Let me know what you think. I can ask Jim to give me a few more specifics to pass on to you as well.

      Most Sincerely,


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