24 Hours of Determination

24 Hours (album)

24 Hours (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With a very ill husband, a full-time job, and two small children, I am in constant motion.  I am juggling many balls in the air, all at the same time, a queen of multi-tasking.  Unfortunately, with this schedule, I miss out on one of my favorite activities – reflection.

Still, these past 24 hours have not escaped my attention.  In this short time period, several things have come firing in my direction, one right after the other.  Here are the things that have made me pause over the past 24 hours:

  1.  A friend who extended much kindness by picking up my kids, pitching a tent, and helping to get me settled so my kids and I could have a “camp night” out
  2. Another friend who drove 10 hours from Florida to North Carolina with her family to see the Taylor Swift concert and to visit me and my family
  3. A nurse who lifted my husband so easily in a cradle position to move him from the chair to the bed that it looked like he was moving a glass from the table to the counter
  4. Listening to the amazing story of Louis Zamperini in the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand – how this man survived a plane crash, shark attacks, floating in a life raft for over a month, becoming a prisoner of war of the Japanese with such beatings and starvation that literally killed many other men – was to say the least, incredibly powerful and a reminder that the body can take much and still come out ahead if you believe
  5. Both of my children running so quickly up and down the soccer field that many a parent commented to me that they were impressed with their hustle and ability.  Both of them scored some goals in their games, smiled widely and had self-accomplished pride

I know these events have one common thread to them – a level of determination.  Various types of determination, but still, as the dictionary defines it, “firmness of purpose; resoluteness.”

What common thread do you find?


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