I am a widow, mother, and professor.  I have much on my plate, a lot of stress, much sadness, but also, there is much happiness and I am most grateful for many things in my life.

I was a wife to a wonderful man, who unfortunately lost his battle to neurological chronic Lyme Disease in June of 2014.  Over the course of seven years, Jim had much muscular and nervous system degeneration.  He received a tracheostomy and feeding tube to help with breathing and weight gain, respectively.  Although Jim would make gains with his health, he could not gain the advantage and died at far too early an age, 56.  He left behind our two young children who are now ages 9 and 7.  One looks like him and the other has his personality.  They are both blessings and reminders that there is still good in the world and that we will continue as a family and try to do what God intended for us to do while on Earth.

Please visit my website, Bounce to Resilience, at http://www.bouncetoresilience.com for lots of game plans on dealing with tragedy as well as links to some of my interviews.

I hope you find it helpful, comforting, and an environment in which you can find support.


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  1. Posted by Donna on August 5, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    Hello Erica (Dr. Korsal): My name is Donna and I just received, via email from a NH Lyme support group leader, news clips of your family’s battle with Lyme disease, which brought me to your blog. My heart aches for you and I am so sorry for the difficult journey you are on – as my husband, almost four years ago at age 47, was initially diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s disease (at times debilitating almost becoming wheelchair-bound which made me question “is this really Parkinson’s since so many symptoms just didn’t fall under the Parkinson spectrum). I became relentless in my research, which led us to learn that he had chronic lyme. He was treated with 15 months of IV antibiotics. Unfortunately, he is still battling illness. He is currently taking Parkinson medicine, which helps somewhat. ….. I still believe he has Lyme, which induced the Parkinson symptoms and I am trying to keep the faith of a miraculous recovery. I am enjoying your blog – thank you. ~ many blessings to you, your husband and family.


    • Oh Donna – I can feel your pain. It has been such a hard journey for me seeing my husband suffer so much and not really being able to do much for him other than try to love him and be there for him. I really do feel so helpless sometimes.

      On a positive note, how wonderful that you kept on and did your homework, leading you to Lyme. I have learned on my journey that no one is going to know more about my husband’s illness/health more than we are and to trust our instincts. That has served us well.

      If you haven’t read our book Miracles for Daddy – I think you might find it a good resource for what you and your husband are dealing with. Did your husband take antibiotics for 15 months straight? Jim’s longest was 6 months and that seemed a bit long, but I did understand the logic behind it and we were alright with that length. If your husband did do 15 months, I can only imagine how weak he was and probably so so tired of it all.

      If you ever want to talk, I am so happy to try to help in whatever way I can. Please just let me know.



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