Beautiful Blogger Award Nomination

I was so humbled to be nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by the blogger of “What Disney Movies Teach Us”. I see so many inspiring blogs out there and find joy in trying to make a little difference to others who want to consider some of life’s questions. Thank you to all who keep up with my blog and those who blog as well, trying to make the world a more pleasant place for everyone.

Seven Random Facts You May or May Not Know About Me
1. I have my PhD in biology and love studying animal behavior, in particular with insects
2. I used to love camping and hiking until my husband got so ill with Lyme Disease – now I don’t want to hike unless it is the winter and the ticks are gone
3. I love chocolate, and am especially fond of chocolate-covered raisons
4. I appreciate a good laugh and a good bottle of white wine
5. I would like to own and drive a Beetle Bug convertible car one day soon
6. I believe people will rise to whatever level you expect from them
7. One of the best experiences in life is traveling in a canoe down a river on a bright, warm day

Eight Other Beautiful Bloggers that You Should Check Out:
2. Tales 2 Inspire
3. Time to Pause
4. Three Teaspoons a Day
5. Cast Light
6. Equiping, Empowering & Enlighting
7. Inspirational Pictures
8. The Divine 30 Diaries


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