Books Now Available!

When Miracles Aren’t Enough: The Lessons Tragedy Taught Me: Erica’s second book was written with her two small children, one of whom served as the illustrator, and with contributions by Brian Etheridge.  This book outlines 11 lessons Erica learned over the past many years as she watched her late husband decline in health and then die.  The easy to read format includes an insightful lesson that everyone can relate to followed by one of her blog entries from years past focusing on the issue being outlined.  It’s a unique format and makes a perfect gift.  The book is available on Amazon.


Miracles for Daddy: A Family’s Inspirational Fight Against a Modern Medical Goliath: Erica’s first book which focuses on the power of the human spirit as life takes a turn for the worse.  The book tells the story of Erica and her husband Jim.  After getting a fatal health diagnosis, Jim and Erica realized that not all things added up.  After searching for answers and regaining some control with a more promising diagnosis, Jim’s battle was just beginning.  After losing 60 pounds and the ability to breathe well, a tracheostomy was performed.  Bomb after bomb was thrown at this family, but each time they regained strength and resilience.  Although the correct diagnosis of neurological chronic Lyme disease was given, Jim fought for years to regain his health.

Why You Should Buy These Books
If you are looking for inspiration in your life,  these books are for you.  They provide insight in taking control of an adverse situation, will help you illuminate fortitude during trying times, and remind you of life’s precious miracles.


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