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God-Intended Detours

I just finished listening to a sermon by Joel Osteen.  One thing that he said during the sermon really resonated with me.  He made the comment that sometimes detours appear in our journey that seem to lead us away from where we want to be, but that these detours often provide you with valuable insight.  If you just trust that God is in control and release your desire to micromanage your own life, then amazing things can start to happen.  What might be perceived as a stumbling block by you could really be a building block leading to success.

The tricky part becomes when to recognize a detour as an opportunity rather than using the detour as a distraction and finding yourself unable to move on from here.  I think Joel Osteen would say, “Let it go, don’t worry too much about it.  Don’t try to overanalyze it.  Trust God.”  I see the value of this – at some point, you go need to release things.  You may have tried everything you know to do and now it may be a matter of trusting things will work out as they  should.  I also see the value of paying attention to what may be waiting for you at that detour.  For example, is there a stranger who is giving you valuable advice?  Not acting on the advice may get you stuck at your detour rather than allowing it to serve as the pit stop it was intended to be.   This needs to be the time when you follow your gut instincts.  These instincts may also be God at work, helping propel you down the right road, leading you to success.

Rather than hissing at the detours in your journey, greet them as a gift and pay attention to what God has intended you to learn from this temporary stop.  This attitude can help turn your journey during troubled times much more enjoyable as you take and use the gem you are learning along the way.


Advice From My Very Astute 5-Year Old Son


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For about a month now my five-year old son has been singing and dancing (with some pretty impressive moves, I might add) a song of his own making.  I have no idea the motivation for the song and why he sings it so often and so enthusiastically.  But he does and it is fabulous.  When he first started singing this song, he asked me to write it down for him – I couldn’t write fast enough.  Everytime he sings the song, the words are slightly different, but the message is always the same – believe in yourself.


I thought since today is the first day of the new year, it was most appropriate to share the original song with everyone.  I couldn’t say it better myself.  Here is to the belief that 2012 is the year.  The year for miracles, health, and the knowledge that belief can make things happen.


If you just believe in yourself
You can do anything for me or you.

It’s okay if you win or lose.
It’s okay if you matter fact or lose.
It’s okay if you don’t win or lose.
You just need to believe in yourself.
Just believe in yourself
For me and you.

Just believe in yourself.
So don’t fail.

It’s okay if you don’t do everything you want to.
Just believe in yourself.

It’s a matter of fact to lose.
Just don’t worry about anything.
Just believe in yourself.

It’s okay if you don’t break a record.
Just believe in yourself.

Just believe in yourself.
Just believe in yourself to me and you. (repeat this last line many, many, many times).

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