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The Song that Hits Home Perfectly…..Let It Be

There are so many songs that speak to people.  Some offer connections to our own circumstances.  Others convey an emotion that strikes us just so.  Other songs motivate us into action.  And then there is that song.  You know the one.  The one that seems to capture it all.  The one that sums up something about your philosophy, your take on life; the one that describes something that was indoctrinated in you.

The best part of this song connection is that often you like a song for no particular reason and then realize later it is so much more powerful than you afforded it at first.  Maybe you initially liked the song for it was popular and played on the radio a lot or maybe you liked the beat and didn’t necessarily pay attention to the words – but then suddenly, and maybe years later, that same song gives you that “aha” moment.  You hear it differently.  A song you liked for its melody and rhythm is now speaking directly to you – the song is summing up so much for you.

I have several of these songs, but the one that is classic for me is “Let It Be” by the Beatles.  “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me.  Speaking words of wisdom: Let it Be……”

I have found myself articulating a philosophy of life that I didn’t realize I had until my husband’s health took a major decline over the past few years.  He went from being a vibrant, active man to a very ill person who can no longer breathe or walk on his own.  Fighting chronic Lyme disease with ALS-mimic symptoms has proven to be one horrible journey, and during the high stress times, I find myself wanting and needing to be still.  The need to reflect, to be alone and to consider nothing and yet many things all at the same time, is a part of me.  The need to stop, to pay attention to what my body is telling me and to pay attention to the signs around me, dominates in times of trouble.

Now I know Paul McCarthy was talking about his mother in the song, but the connection to Mary the mother of Jesus is what I hear.  I get that warm feeling of peace, of calm.  I can picture Mary the Mother of Jesus with her arms spread wide open welcoming me for a hug.  It makes me smile when I hear the words over and over again in the song.

There is another part of the song that says “And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines for me.  Shine on until tomorrow: Let it Be….”   That light can be a person, a promise, a hope, Jesus, faith.  There are many lights really – it is a matter of which one we will choose to see and therefore respond to.  Regardless, when it is dark and we are feeling alone, afraid, or horrible, there is a light that we can focus on that will get us through to the next day.  There is always a light to help us.  Paul McCarthy has written that he saw his mother in a dream during a crazy time of his life and he knew that everything would be alright.  Everything would work out if he just let it be and trusted the process.

So this song is one of only several that I have on my iPhone.  When I considered the small collection on my phone, I realized the theme.  Each song is a song full of promise.  Each song is a reminder that there are good things for us – positive things for us to focus on, regardless of the circumstances around us.  Each song is about finding your way when you are down.

What song sums up your philosophy of life?  Pay attention to your favorite songs and see if you can find a pattern.  “Let it be, let it be.  There will be an answer: Let it Be.  Whisper words of wisdom: Let it Be.”

What an interesting exercise and also what a nice highlight of your most prized thoughts.

Click here to listen to the song!


Message from the Radio or Jesus? You decide…….

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Over the past several weeks, something very strange has been happening with my radio in the kitchen.  It is set on a Christmas music station and after listening to it over dinner, I will turn it off.  Hours later, I return to the kitchen, after putting my kids to bed, and to finish cleaning up.  The radio is back on with a buzzing sound.  It is not on the radio station – it is just white noise.  I have turned this off and thought “Did Braxton (my son) mess with the radio?”

Since this has happened many times, I have started thinking it is awfully strange indeed.  I was reminded of the time when my husband was in the hospital having a tracheostomy surgery (due to complications from Lyme disease) and we were so unsure of his future.  One night I cried out for a sign that all would be alright and a weird noise came on and off from the computer until I said out loud “I get it God – you are always there for me.”  I write about this in my new book (you can get it now at This morning, I looked at the radio and thought again “is this machine coming on itself?”  Then off I went to drive the kids to school and a friend to the airport.

Upon my return, I set up in the kitchen to check my email.  I was just reviewing my inbox and read a message from Pema Chödrön

Here it is:
“The fixed idea that we have about ourselves as solid and separate from each other is painfully limiting. It is possible to move through the drama of our lives without believing so earnestly in the character that we play. That we take ourselves so seriously, that we are so absurdly important in our own minds, is a problem for us. We feel justified in being annoyed with everything. We feel justified in denigrating ourselves or in feeling that we are more clever than other people. Self-importance hurts us, limiting us to the narrow world of our likes and dislikes. We end up bored to death with ourselves and our world. We end up never satisfied.

We have two alternatives: either we question our beliefs—or we don’t. Either we accept our fixed versions of reality, or we begin to challenge them. In Buddha’s opinion, to train in staying open and curious—to train in dissolving our assumptions and beliefs—is the best use of our human lives.”

At the precise moment I read the second paragraph about beliefs, the radio turned on and the buzzing, humming noise was there.  No one was around.  It was clear my son didn’t do it and it was evident the radio turned on by itself.  I smiled and decided to turn on the Christmas music.  I did so and it was at the end of a song I have never heard before in my life and the words over and over being sung were “It is Jesus.  It is Jesus.”

Coincidence? I think not.  Amazing.  Definitely.  Confirmation once again to keep the faith.  To believe.  Staying open is good as Pema Chödrön reminds us, but believing in the power of God is better.

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